Our Proven 10-Step Framework to Eliminate Project Risk.
CCaaS, UCaaS, Managed Security, SD-WAN, DataCenter.

We help business and technology leaders evaluate the cloud providers, implement the solutions, and adopt the technology company-wide with a comprehensive approach as your trusted advisor and partner through the entire process from start to finish.

Expert Preferred Provider Research

We do the vendor/provider research so you don’t have to! Avoid wasting time investigating providers & scouring Google hunting for research reports. We do this for you and save you weeks of time and effort in the process.

Guaranteed Vendor Short Listing

We use our proprietary evaluation software and decades of experience to short-list the top vendors so you find the best provider. Don’t waste time with vendors who aren’t a perfect fit.

(IQA) Intelligent Questionnaire Assessment

We finalize your needs & requirements for a solution and then coordinate with our dedicated cloud engineers to summarize and centralize your requirements. This means you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over as we meet with preferred vendors and avoid feeling like you’re “starting over” on every call.

Professional Vendor Coordination Service

We handle all aspects of vendor coordination so you can quickly schedule meetings that fit your busy calendar. This means you don’t waste time contacting each vendor directly as we handle all that for you.

Custom Demos & Proposal Evaluations

We contact vendors directly to get the proposals and then go through them with you line by line so you understand the subtle, but critical, differences between each offering. This ensures you get the exact solution that meets your needs without compromise.

See The Solution Live In Your Environment

We have the vendor “finalists” provide live demos in your environment to ensure the solution will work for you and your team. This enables you to get buy-in from the key stakeholders in your organization. This critical step ensures the solution is truly right for your needs.

Vendor Selection and Contract / Services Negotiation

Choose the best provider based on all the criteria and demonstrations done. We negotiate the best terms and conditions for the contract to protect you as the buyer, as well as obtain any and all discounts and concessions possible. We consistently get discounts you will not get on your own.

Project Implementation Coordination

We stick with you to ensure your project is delivered on time & within budget. This means we work closely with you to keep the vendor on track and meet their commitments and agreed timeline.

Rapid Adoption Training

Increase revenue by increasing the speed of adoption by all team members and stakeholders to get the most out of your new solution. Cut down on the delay between implementing your solution and seeing the benefits in your organization.

Post-Sale Escalations and Dedicated Support

We provide after-the-sale support so you can avoid the frustration of working your way through the vendor’s “help desk.” Cut to the front of the line for next-level support and service to receive a timely resolution to critical issues. We are your “concierge” for the long haul to ensure no matter which vendor you choose, you always receive the expert care and attention your business deserves.

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